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Coronavirus pandemic

General advice about coronavirus can be found here;

World Health Organisation

Public Health Wales

Welsh Government 

UK Government

We all continue to have a part to play in relation to coronavirus.

Our fire and rescue service will continue to work hard to maintain the safety of our staff and our communities as we join forces with our partners to ensure your safety remains paramount.

To help ensure your safety, please take extra care to help us to prevent incidents from happening in the first place.

Here is some basic advice – you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for further advice on what you can do to stay safe in your home and help us to protect our communities.

  • Test your smoke alarm – look after your alarm so that it can look after you
  • Many fires start in the kitchen – just one distraction is all it takes
  • Smoking is a common cause of fires – so put it out, right out
  • With a full house, make sure your electrical sockets are not overloaded
  • Switch off everything before you go to bed - many house fires start at night.
  • Farmers and landowners are urged to avoid burning on their land – if you absolutely must, please notify our control room on 01931 522 006.

We are here for you when you need us in an emergency – call 999 if you have a fire in your home or business.

Coronavirus safety checklist

Fire safety in the home flyer

Business Fire Safety

The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has provided guidance for businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic, which relates to the responsibilities of business owners during this period of time.  It provides advice on all aspects of fire safety such as fire risk assessments, staff training, testing and maintenance of fire systems, buildings that are closed during the lockdown and means of escape.  It contains some of the most frequently asked questions that may be asked by responsible persons and will signpost accordingly to other sites providing more comprehensive guidance on subjects such as testing and maintenance and advice for employees working from home. This leaflet can be downloaded here.


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