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Grass and Gorse Fires

Grass and Gorse Fires

As the seasons change, and the promise of warmer weather is on the horizon, it is the ideal time to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, booking your staycations or holidays, take your family on a camping trip, or just enjoy your local area.

Summertime carries with it a real set of dangers if you do not follow practical and correct safety advice appropriate for this time of year. A few simple precautions and a little extra care could keep you, your family, communities and the environment safe.

During the summer, grass and mountains can become very dry, which means if you deliberately or accidentally start a fire outdoors it will spread very quickly, destroying everything in its path.

Every year fire is responsible for the destruction of thousands of hectares of countryside, open space, and wildlife habitats. Partners of the Wales Wildfire Board commit to working with communities to build a healthier and more resilient landscape, by developing a more biodiverse countryside for the future.

By working together with our communities to share our knowledge, we hope to provide a better understanding on what we can all do to prevent wildfires from happening and in turn limit the damage they can cause to our environment.

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