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Oliva’s Story

Olivia’s Story is a true story about a mixed group of school friends who all attended the same secondary school in North Wales. It is a story about a group of friends who wanted to enjoy a sunny day in June. The day ended in tragedy.

On this hot sunny day, it was suggested that the friends should go for a swim at a local lake. Two boys within the group plus another friend agreed to drive.

The driver of the 3rd car, had a dashcam and black box fitted on to his car. His dashcam footage has been used in this film. Police investigations concluded the driver of the 3rd car drove safely that day, he did not exceed speed limits nor drive dangerously. 
This dashcam footage showed two cars recklessly racing each other throughout the journey. Joe, Olivia’s friend in the film, was a passenger in this car.

Olivia was travelling in the back of the red car with two other girls when the driver lost control on a bend at 72mph and hit an oncoming car, head-on.  The driver had ignored their pleas to slow down. Olivia received massive internal injuries at impact and tragically died at the scene. Her two friends suffered life changing injuries. A middle-aged man and his elderly mother in the oncoming car were also seriously injured.

The third car did not see the actual collision as they were so far behind and arrived at the scene a few minutes after it happened.

The actual recording of the 999-call is used in this film.

It was proven, that due to their actions on that day, both drivers had contributed to the road traffic collision.  Both boys were sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Olivia’s Story is supported by lesson plans and briefing notes and is not a standalone film.

Although no graphic detail is shown or discussed, which complies with up to date research on interventions and engagement, it is upsetting and will always be delivered sensitively and warnings to enable support if required.

Olivia’s Story is delivered by Welsh Police forces in all secondary schools and by the Welsh Fire & Rescue Service to those in further education or employment.

The “One Show” featured this story in a broadcast on 5/09/2022. It has been shown to Welsh Government and at Westminster.

Olivia’s parents are campaigning to have a black box fitted to every young person’s car. More information is available here: Olivia Alkir – In Olivia's memory (

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