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Lithium - ion Batteries

Lithium - ion Batteries

The average UK household has many rechargeable items that contain lithium ion batteries such as laptops, mobile phones, e-scooters, e-cigarettes, and mobility vehicles.

Each of these items has the potential to cause a serious fire in your home. The larger the battery, the larger the danger - and some of the largest lithium batteries can be found in mobility vehicles.

These fires can develop very quickly, producing huge amounts of extremely toxic gases, these gases will render a person unconscious. The gas cloud is created so quickly and at such large quantities that it can fill a room or a corridor before your smoke alarm has had a chance to respond.

Simple changes where you buy, store and charge your devices can save your life

We recommend:

  • Always buy devices and replacement batteries from a reputable seller. Never be tempted to buy a lithium battery second-hand as you won’t know it’s history, damage it may have suffered or the dangers it could pose.
  • Always use the correct battery and charger for your device, and charge as per manufacturers’ instructions.
  • Charge items away from escape routes (never in a corridor or room that provides the only way out of your home) and disconnect the charger once charging is complete.
  • Don’t charge devices overnight when anyone is asleep or leave on charge when you’ve left the home.
  • Ensure that you charge your device in a room that has a working smoke alarm, which doesn’t compromise your escape route, keeping the door closed whilst it’s charging and away from any heat source.
  • If your device or equipment is stored without being used for any length of time, the battery should be removed.
  • In the event of a fire, don’t try and tackle it yourself - leave and call 999.
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