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Ice and Burst Pipes

Ice and Burst Pipes

Dealing with burst pipes

Residents who are experiencing burst pipes or electrical problems caused by the winter weather are advised to isolate their water or electrical supply where possible and to contact a local trader to fix the leak - not the fire and rescue service.

In a burst pipe emergency:

Turn off the water at the main supply and drain the system by running all the cold taps..

Turn off the water heating system then drain it by running all the hot taps.

Turn off the electrics.

Call in the professionals to repair the damage.  


To prevent a burst pipe from ruining your home this winter:

Insulate your loft and the sides of your water tanks.

Insulate all your pipes.

Open the loft trap door on cold days to let heat in.

If you're planning to be away for a while, ask a friend or relative to check on your home and make sure pipes haven't burst or frozen

Replace the washers on dripping taps because if they freeze they'll block the pipe.

Make sure you know where your stop tap is and check regularly that you can turn it off easily in an emergency.

In very cold weather, keep your heating on low throughout the day, or set to come on a couple of times a day, especially if you're going away.


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