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Feedback from students

"The Phoenix project has helped me see how causing fires can affect peoples lives. It has also helped me to know what I want to do in the future." - Rich Povey, Phoenix Participant

"The Phoenix project has helped me in so many ways. Before I found out about the course, I was never sure about what I wanted to pursue as a career. Now I feel like this is just something that I am meant to do, as before I hadn't even thought about it." - Dion Taylor, Phoenix participant

"The Phoenix project has opened my eyes to many of things, its been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I've had a massive change in my life as I use to be very shy, with no confidence. I now have a lot of confidence which has really helped me since the course.

There are other things that the course has helped me with such as discipline, respect, self-esteem, team work and I have come back with a new group of friends.
The instructors that have worked with me have been brilliant and helped me out when ever I've need it, they are so caring and just lovely to work with.

If anyone ever has the opportunity to go on this course, I thoroughly advise them to because it is just so enjoyable and you get so much out of it."  - Loren Woolley, Phoenix participant

"The Phoenix course has helped me so much it ha given me confidence, self esteem and respect for me and others. I think it is a great project and every young youth should have a chance to be a part of the Phoenix project. I was in and out of trouble with police and one step away towards prison. I was so lucky to have been given another chance in life, I want to thank the Phoenix project for helping me in a new start of life." - Louise Clifford, Phoenix participant


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