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Appeal to fit working smoke alarms following Holyhead fire


North Wales Fire and Rescue Service is highlighting the importance of working smoke detectors after a family escaped a fire at their home on Wian Street, Holyhead at 21.52hrs yesterday, Sunday, August 10th.

Smoke alarms activated after a fire in the living room broke out. The occupants- a mother and her four children under five were able to evacuate safety and were taken to hospital for treatment for smoke inhalation. They have since been released.

The fire caused severe smoke damage to the living room and the property was smokelogged throughout.

The fire is thought to have originated in TV equipment which supplied additional channels.

Geraint Hughes from North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, said: "This incident really does demonstrate the life saving properties of smoke alarms - had the alarms not alerted the occupants to the fire, we could have had the unthinkable and devastating prospect of a multiple fatality fire.

"I would urge people to ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted in their homes as they really could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

"As a general guide to safety in the home, with any electrical equipment, it is important to follow the manufacturers' guidelines closely and have equipment involving wiring or aerials installed by trained professionals.

"Do not stack your TV equipment and don't put it in an enclosed cupboard. Don't allow pets near the appliances and don't leave combustibles such as magazines near to it.

"As part of our nightime routine to help keep you as safe as possible from fire, we advise residents to switch off all electrical appliances not designed to be left switched on, and close all doors to prevent fire spread.

"North Wales Fire and Rescue Service offer free home fire safety checks to all residents in North Wales. This service covers all aspects of home fire safety including the provision and placing of smoke alarms, the importance of having a clear escape route from your home, electrical safety and night time routines.

"To find out more about fire safety and have free smoke alarms fitted in your home, register for a free home fire safety check by visiting  or call our 24 hour hotline free on 0800 169 1234."

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