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Put safety first in the sunshine


We’ve had some great weather so far this year, and this month I am highlighting the dangers associated with some common summertime fires.


Fires can destroy acres of countryside

During warmer weather, the grass and vegetation is generally dry, which means if you accidentally start a fire outdoors it can spread very quickly, destroying everything in its path.

Add a light summer breeze to the equation and the fire will spread even more rapidly.


Tying up resources

Each small fire has the potential to tie up resources and prevent us from attending other life threatening incidents. A flicked cigarette from a car window, a barbecue that sets fire to a hedge, or a bonfire left unattended could start a blaze that destroys acres of countryside, crops and wildlife.


Endangering lives

If the fire starts closer to home, it could destroy your garden, spread to your house and endanger the lives of those inside.

Just last month three crews were called to a property in Greenfield to deal with controlled burning in a garden which had spread out of control, causing substantial damage to outbuildings.







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