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Wishing everyone a Safe and happy Christmas

Christmas and New Year is a time to relax and enjoy being at home with family and friends - but it’s also a time when extra vigilance is vital to ensure you are safe in your home.

Sadly, just last month we saw the tragic loss of two lives within the space of a week following fires in their homes.

We are all too aware that the number of incidents we attend over Christmas can rise significantly and that’s why we urge people to be extra careful during the festivities.


Smoke alarms – the difference between life and death

Figures show that many residents in Wales still do not have a smoke alarm – it’s easy to see that when combined with an increased number of incidents during the festive period this is a potential recipe for disaster.

Our firefighters have seen first-hand how a working smoke alarm could save you in the event of a fire – it could really mean the difference between life and death.

In our experience, people who lose their lives in house fires are often sleeping at the time. A smoke alarm will wake you up and give you that vital extra time to make your escape and to call for help.




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